Join us for an exclusive, in-depth Q&A series into the world of craft beer in Calgary, Alberta


Welcome, to Calgary, Alberta!

Home of the majestic Rockies, the world's best barley farmers, and one of North America's most electric and fastest-growing craft beer markets. 

Just a few short years ago the number of craft breweries in Alberta could be counted on a single hand, and now, it has quickly surged by more than one hundred. The industry has positively exploded, with provincial craft beer sales continuing to reach all-time highs. 

However, as we enjoy our fresh pints, few of us ever stop to question just how such exceptional beer arrived in our hands. Surely, many of us have attended a beer festival, or even a brewery tour to understand the production side of the business. Yet there is an entire process which takes place before the concrete is poured and the tanks are installed.  

Here at Calgary Beer Week, we aspired to travel even further and discover the individuals behind the brewing equipment.

In this exclusive six-part series, we dive deep with Alberta breweries to uncover the stories behind the blood, sweat and tears which have led to the creation of our booming craft beer industry. Contrary to what we see when visiting a taproom, the creation of a brewery isn't all fun and games. Each brewery is a business just like any other, operated by skillful entrepreneurs who must maintain exceptional standards in order to achieve monthly targets. 

So join us, as we reveal the highs and lows of what it truly takes to launch Alberta's next great craft brewery



A different brewery will be featured every two weeks...