How Calgary beer week Got Started


It all started when…

In February 2016, a group of guys sat in the basement of a local bar seeking shelter from the ferocious snow storm which had descended upon Calgary.

Sipping on craft beer brewed in tanks only a few feet away, they found themselves asking the question:


"How are more people not drinking this delicious beer? It's literally right here in our own backyard!"


Baffled by this question, and motivated by their shared love for this nectar of the gods, the beer-loving guys set-off on a journey to tell the people of Calgary about a groundbreaking new industry which was quickly emerging.

What was once limited to only a select few friends & family of local home-brewers was now becoming available to the public: 




And so, BeerGuysYYC was born. 

Over the following year, the guys made it their mission to document and share their weekly craft beer discoveries on social media. 

By February 2017, and having grown to more than 5,000 combined social media followers, BeerGuysYYC quickly became a trusted influencer among Calgary's emerging craft beer scene. 

One night, while visiting that same basement bar, it dawned on them...


There are SO MANY great festivals in Calgary: Poutine Week, Pizza Week, Taco is there no BEER WEEK?!


And so, YYCBeerWeek was created. Not only to celebrate Calgary's wildly talented craft brewers but to engage the community as a whole by calling upon our gifted chefs and everyday citizens.

Through food, drink, and social responsibility we will make our city an even better place to call home, one pint at a time!

Enjoy. Be Safe. Be Proud. #YYCBeerWeek


To learn more about the team behind BeerGuys & YYCBeerWeek, please visit our Team page.